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General Carers Information

www.carefreespain.com – holidays together for Carer and cared for

www.aboutmyarea.co.uk – postcode specific information about local services

www.carers.org – Princess Royal Trust for Carers

www.carersinformation.org.uk – Carers Association Southern Staffordshire

www.kingsfund.org.uk – Kings Fund – Health Improvement

www.carersuk.org – Carers UK, formally Carers’ National Ass.

www.carers.gov.uk – Dept of Health information for Carers

www.direct.gov.uk/en/CaringForSomeone/MoneyMatters/index.htm – Government information for Carers

www.bbc.co.uk – Search site for “Carers” – Lots of up to date information

www.derbyshirecarers.co.uk – support services available in Derbyshire for Carers

www.shropshire.gov.uk/adultcarer.nsf – support services available in Shropshire for Carers

www.carers.org/cheshire – support services available in Cheshire for Carers

www.stoke.gov.uk/ccm/content/social-care/adult-social-care/opportunities-which-are-inclusive.en;jsessionid=aNX3eBEtjrh- – Stoke on Trent Council – Inclusive Oportunities – Community Development Team

www.carewelluk.org – Carewell is a comprehensive online resource containing information and support for carers including guidance on how to manage stress levels, getting a better quality night’s sleep, eating healthily and how to increase physical activity on a busy schedule. Plus, there’s a forum to discuss, comment, contribute ideas and share top tips with other carers.

Health Information Websites

www.uhns.nhs.uk – University Hospital North Staffs

www.combined.nhs.uk – North Staffs Combined Healthcare

www.staffordshireandstokeontrent.nhs.uk – The Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Partnership NHS Trust is the NHS organisation responsible for providing community health are and adult social care services in Staffordshire and community health services in Stoke-on-Trent.

www.nhsdirect.nhs.uk – General Health Info

www.bbc.co.uk/health/conditions – Health Conditions Database

www.alcoholconcern.org.uk – Information about Alcohol Misuse

www.alzheimers.org.uk – Alzheimer’s Disease Society

www.scope.org.uk – SCOPE – for Cerebral Palsy

www.edauk.com – Eating Disorder Association

www.arthritiscare.org.uk – Arthritis Care Website

www.bcass.org.uk – British Colostomy Association

www.nacc.org.uk – National Association for Colitis and Chron’s Disease

www.cancerbacup.org.uk – Cancer BACUP – information service

www.diabetes.org.uk – Diabetes UK website

www.epilepsy.org.uk – Epilepsy Association

www.bhf.org.uk – British Heart Foundation

www.nkrf.org.uk – National Kidney Research Fund

www.leukaemia-research.org.uk – Leukaemia Research Fund

www.mssociety.org.uk – Multiple Sclerosis Society

www.muscular-dystrophy.org – Muscular Dystrophy Campaign

www.nhs.uk – NHS information on medical conditions, treatment available, choices for care etc.

www.parkinsons.org.uk – Parkinson’s Disease Society

www.stroke.org.uk – Stroke Association Website

www.equip.nhs.uk – quality information for patients and Carers

www.arma.uk.net -  Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Alliance


British Lung Foundation

www.breastcancersupportleek.org – Breast Cancer Support Group Leek

www.lostchordstoke.org.uk – Lost Chord Stoke

www.crossroadsstaffordshire.org.uk – Crossroads Staffordshire

GP Practices – County and Staffordshire Moorlands

www.alton-staffs.co.uk/healthcentre.html – Alton Primary Care Centre

www.ashleysurgery.co.uk – Ashley Surgery

www.audleyhealthcentre.co.uk – Audley Health Centre

www.biddulphdoctors.co.uk – Biddulph Surgery

www.biddulphvalleysurgery.nhs.uk – Biddulph Valley Surgery

www.higherlandsurgery.co.uk – Higherland Surgery

www.kidsgrovemedicalcentre.co.uk – Kidsgrove Medical Practice – Dr Rabbie

www.kingsbridgemedicalpractice.co.uk – Kingsbridge Medical Practice

www.leekhealthcentre.co.uk – Leek Health Centre

www.loomerroadsurgery.co.uk – Loomer Road Surgery

www.lymebrook.co.uk – Lymebrook Surgery

www.lymevalley.co.uk – Lyme Valley Medical Centre

www.midwaymedical.co.uk – Midway Medical and Walk In Centre

www.milehousemedicalpractice.co.uk – Milehouse Medical Practice

www.moorlandsmedicalcentre.co.uk – Moorlands Medical Centre

www.madeleypractice.co.uk – Moss Lane Surgery

www.pmcleek.co.uk – Park Medical Centre

www.rjmitchellmedicalcentreppg.btck.co.uk – R J Mitchell Medical Centre

www.silverdaleandryecroftpractice.nhs.uk – Ryecroft Medical Centre

www.silverdaleandryecroftpractice.nhs.uk – Silverdale Surgery

www.talkeclinic.nhs.uk – Talke Clinic

www.hartingtonsurgery.co.uk – The Surgery – Hartington

www.millerstreetsurgery.co.uk – The Surgery – Miller Street

www.teamsurgery.co.uk – The Surgery – Tean

www.tardissurgery.co.uk – The Tardis Surgery

www.thevillagesurgery.co.uk – The Village Surgery

www.rjmitchellmedicalcentreppg.btck.co.uk – Waterhayes Surgery

www.waterhousesmedical.co.uk – Waterhouses Medical Practice

www.wellstreetcheadle.nhs.uk – Well Street Medical Practice

www.werringtonvillagesurgery.co.uk – Werrington Village Surgery

www.wolstantonmedicalcentre.nhs.uk – Wolstanton Medical Centre

GP Practices – City of Stoke-on-Trent

www.aspleysurgery.co.uk – Aspley Surgery/Cobridge Health Centre

www.baddeleygreensurgery.com – Baddeley Green Surgery

www.surgeriesonline.com/belgravemc – Belgrave Medical Centre

www.birchesheadmedicalcentre.co.uk – Birches Head Medical Centre

www.brinsleyavenuepractice.co.uk – Brinsley Avenue Surgery

www.cambridgehousesurgery.co.uk – Cambridge House

www.drsinhasandpartners.co.uk – Dr A K Sinha’s Surgery

www.drchandssurgery.co.uk – Dr G T Chand’s Surgery

www.cobridgesurgery.co.uk – Dr Pathak/Cobridge Health Centre

www.hanfordgp.co.uk – Dr P H Shah & Partners

www.meirparksurgery.co.uk – Dr V Sarin’s Surgery

www.endonsurgery.co.uk – Endon Surgery

www.goldenhillmedicalcentre.nhs.uk – Goldenhill Medical Centre

www.hanfordgp.co.uk – Hanford Health Centre

www.harleystreetmedicalpractice.org.uk – Harley Street Medical Centre

www.haymarkethealthcentre.co.uk – Haymarket Health Centre

www.birchesheadmedicalcentre.co.uk – Hulton House Surgery

www.apsleysurgery.co.uk – Knypersley/Apsley Branch Surgery

www.longtonhealthcentre.co.uk – Longton Health Centre

www.longton-hall-surgery.nhs.uk – Longton Hall Surgery

www.meirparksurgery.co.uk – Meir Primary Care Centre

www.millrisemedicalpractice.co.uk – Millrise Medical Centre

www.moorcroftmedical.com – Moorcroft Medical Centre

www.orcardsurgery.co.uk – Orchard Surgery

www.packmoormc.co.uk – Packmoor Surgery

www.potteriesmedicalcentre.co.uk – Potteries Medical Centre

www.drphillipsadpartners.co.uk – Shelton Health Centre/Dr Phillips

www.trentvalemedicalpractice.co.uk – Trent Vale Medical Practice

www.drsonnathispractice.nhs.uk – Tunstall Primary Care Centre

www.willowbanksurgery.org – Willow Bank Medical Centre

Physical & Sensory Disability Information

www.themusketeers.org – for Carers of people with Multiple sclerosis.

www.allanasmyth.co.uk – Provides clothing for people with physical disabilities

www.yourable.com – Information, products and services for Disabled people

www.dlf.org.uk – Disability Living Foundation – independent living solutions

www.equalityhumanrights.com – Equality and Human Rights Commission – information and advice to promote equality and human rights.

www.afbp.org.uk – Action for Blind People Website

www.rnib.org.uk – Royal National Institute for the Blind

www.deafblind.com – Information for deaf and/or blind people

www.bda.org.uk – British Deaf Association Website

www.hearingconcernlink.org/index.php- Information and News for Deaf People

Mental Health & Learning Disabilities

www.nsaaa.co.uk - offers support, help and advice to ASD individuals, their parents and Carers.

www.virtuall.org – Learning Organisation, promoting better Mental Health

www.mind.org.uk – Mind – Mental Health Charity

www.nsug.co.uk – North Staffs Users Group – Mental Health

www.bbc.co.uk/health/mental – Mental Health Information

www.mentalhealth.com – General Mental health Info – Disorders, diagnosis etc

www.bild.org.uk – British Institute for Learning Disabilities

www.learningdisabilities.org.uk – Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities

www.mencap.org.uk – Mencap – Learning Disabilities Charity

www.rethinkcarers.org – for Carers of people with mental health problems.

www.staffordshirementalhealth.info – information for mental health Carers in Staffordshire

www.stokementalhealth.info – information for mental health Carers in Stoke on Trent

www.mentalhealth.org.uk – information about mental health issues

www.changes.org.uk – The aim of Changes service is to provide an

opportunity for those suffering from mental distress to move from isolation,

withdrawal and dependency to becoming active and contributing members of their

immediate and wider community.

Information For Older People

www.nul50plusforum.org.uk – advice for people over 50

www.caredirections.co.uk – Guide to care and rights of the elderly in the UK

www.acns.org.uk – Age Concern – support for the over 50′s in North Staffordshire

www.helptheaged.org.uk – Help the Aged

www.bjf.org.uk – Beth Johnson Foundation

www.ssafa.org.uk – SSAFA Forces Help-for people who are/were in the Services

Information For Young People & Young Carers

www.stonethrow.co.uk – Information for Young People in Staffordshire

www.youngminds.org.uk – Young People and Mental Health

www.riprap.org.uk – for young people caring for a parent with cancer.

www.youngcarers.hants.org.uk – Lots of Information for Young Carers

www.bubblycrew.org.uk – for young Carers.

www.childrenssociety.org.uk/youngcarers – has a page for young Carers.

www.epilepsy.org.uk/youngpeople/index.html – Epilepsy information for teenagers

Employment and Training

www.nulc.ac.uk – Newcastle under Lyme College provides full-time and part-time course that may be of interest to both young and adult carers.

www.learningforliving.co.uk – Learning program designed specifically for unpaid Carers

www.nuffieldfoundation.org – Provides grants for women studying for their first qualification – can help with the costs of caring

www.nec.ac.uk – Offers distance learning courses

www.jobcentreplus.org – Offers support for Carers trying to combine work and caring

http://www.employersforcarers.org – Employers for Carers (EfC) is an interest group that includes major employers, employers’ organisations and Government agencies.

Services and Support

www.holidaysforall.org – provides accompanied and unaccompanied holidays for people with an illness or disability

www.warmzones.co.uk – energy efficiency advice and support

www asist.dial.pipex.com – Asist – Advocacy in Staffordshire

www.crossroads.org.uk – Short Breaks for Carers in the Home

www.elderabuse.org – Support and information for victims of elder abuse

www.samaritans.org.uk – Samaritans Support Website

www.sja.org.uk – St John’s Ambulance

Local Services

www.staffordshire.gov.uk – Staffordshire County Council info, inc. Social Services

www.stoke.gov.uk – Stoke City Council info, inc. Social Services

www.stoke.gov.uk/carers – Stoke City Council Carers Section

https://www.northstaffs.nhs.uk/nsPortal/portal/cn/CHCHome/CHCHomepage – North Staffs Combined Health Care Information

www.beatcold.org.uk – Information and advice aimed at reducing fuel poverty and cold related illness, in North Staffs.

www.northstaffordshire.nhs.uk – Information about services offered by North Staffordshire Community Healthcare Trust

www.yourtime.org.uk – if you are a woman living in Tunstall or Burslem then this is Your Time to get active, get involved and try something new.

Residential and Nursing Care

www.housingcare.org – Elderly Accommodation Counsel

www.bettercaring.co.uk – Choosing the right Care Homes

www.ucarewecare.com – Nursing Homes Directory – UK

Caring for Children

www.newlifecharity.co.uk – New Life for Disabled Children

www.nas.org.uk – National Autistic Society

www.downs-syndrome.org.uk – Downs Syndrome Association

www.nbcs.org.uk – National Blind Children’s Society

www.cafamily.org.uk – Contact a Family – For families with disabled children

www.familyfundtrust.org.uk – for people caring for severely disabled child


www.disabilitybenefits.co.uk – Clear info for people with disabilities, and their Carers

www.dwp.gov.uk – Benefits Agency

www.citizensadvice.org.uk – Citizens Advice Bureaux

www.direct.gov.uk/en/MoneyTaxAndBenefits/index.htm – information on money, tax and benefits.

www.direct.gov.uk/en/CaringForSomeone/MoneyMatters/index.htm – Government Information for Carers on money and benefits.